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GDM Customer Testimonials

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Jim, NYC

I recently moved from a Stage II to a Stage III on my TDI MK6 JSW DSG. The CR170 turbo is basically a drop in turbo. The flash was a little challenging because my supporting mods are different. To make a long story short the TDI pulls very hard to redline. It’s now much more responsive and remains much smoother then stock and the economy will still out-perform a stock TDI if driven normally.
Thanks to GDM’s patience and work ethics the TDI was transformed over the last two years from economy wagon to a touring car. This is a little difficult to understand on paper. But once you drive a car that was massaged by GDM it’s simple to grasp. It’s truly astonishing!

Thank you Les at GDM. If it wasn’t for you guys the TDI would be stock and I wouldn’t get to enjoy this car everyday!

January 16, 2016

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Myturbodiesel member

I want to give a shoutout to Les at GDM. This man does fantastic work and he knows his TDIs. He will talk you through the entire process and answer any question you have.

December 4, 2015