Patrick E.

Patrick E.

February 26, 2016
Patrick E.

Being from the Baltimore area there are plenty of VW shops around town for both maintenance and performance work however none did work specifically on diesel or TDI Volkswagens. My recently purchased MK3 1.9 TDI was in need of both performance boost and my leaky pump sealed up again so my search for a knowledgeable TDI shop both started and ended at German Diesel Motorwerks!

I scheduled my appointment and took the journey to Les and the Ryans (yes there are not one but TWO!) up in PA where I was greeted with a very knowledgeable staff of professionals that did more than took care of my MK3. They sealed my pump, pop tested my injectors, replaced the nozzles, and threw a Stage 2 tune on my vehicle in good time and at a very fair price! It doesn’t get better than GDM if you need any TDI or diesel work done. On my way home the torque increase from the work they had done had me smiling the entire way! Two thumbs up for these guys!

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