Jim, NYC

Jim, NYC

January 16, 2016
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Jim, NYC

I recently moved from a Stage II to a Stage III on my TDI MK6 JSW DSG. The CR170 turbo is basically a drop in turbo. The flash was a little challenging because my supporting mods are different. To make a long story short the TDI pulls very hard to redline. It’s now much more responsive and remains much smoother then stock and the economy will still out-perform a stock TDI if driven normally.
Thanks to GDM’s patience and work ethics the TDI was transformed over the last two years from economy wagon to a touring car. This is a little difficult to understand on paper. But once you drive a car that was massaged by GDM it’s simple to grasp. It’s truly astonishing!

Thank you Les at GDM. If it wasn’t for you guys the TDI would be stock and I wouldn’t get to enjoy this car everyday!

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