January 24, 2016
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Just wanted to say how pleased I am with Les at German Diesel Motorwerks. I recently got a stage 2 ECU tune, DSG tune, GDM downpipe and racepipe. I also got a resonator in the midpipe which terminates into the “cat-back” portion of the stock exhaust.
I am very happy with Les’ service and the performance my car now has. I am also glad that I no longer have any EGR clogging up my intake and gumming up my turbo vanes. I had the stage 1 APR tune before and was happy with it, but I wanted more. I also wanted to delete the DPF/EGR system before it became an issue.

I have noticed slight MPG gains so far, but I haven’t been keeping my foot out of it either. Most people have seen an increase in the 4-6 MPG range, so that’s what I expect as well.

The only thing I’m a little disappointed about is the exhaust note. I read in several different forums that the car would sound stock with either a resonator OR the stock muffler in the exhaust flow path. Well, I have both and the car is louder than stock. I am going to have to add another resonator and/or muffler if I want the sound levels to be stock. Other than that I have no complaints.

I would highly recommend these mods to anyone thinking about doing it. Do it now, do not wait! You will be happy you did! And if you are on the east coast I would personally recommend Les at GDM.

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