PF03 Polar FIS+ Advanced


PolarFIS Advanced is a electronic device oriented to the VAG vehicle market. This device allows you to visualize very important engine parameters “hidden” in your car. You only need to connect the device easily inside your vehicle and you will start to monitorize all you desire in real time.

Currently are supported near 140 engine parameters, depending of the model of vehicle. Some important functions of diagnosis and comfort are available too.

Brands: Auto Polar


The PF03 Polar FIS Advanced is more than 140 parameters ready!!

After connecting the PF03 Polar FIS Advanced device to your vehicle, you will be ready to monitorize every function supported in our product from a huge list of parameters added in our database.

Actually, for you to see all this information and functions, you would need to connect external tools, computers or laptops into your vehicle and monitorize it, but this is an uncomfortable way to see all of this data and information. With PolarFIS technology you will not need to anymore!!

The installation procedure is very easy and fast, you only need to locate your gateway and plug it in there. You will not need any technical knowledge and no cutting or soldering of any wires into your vehicle (safe procedure).

Other products on the market need to install external displays but PolarFIS uses the original display of your vehicle and allows you to manage it with the buttons of your steering wheel. So, forget connecting to external computers or devices in your vehicle and move it to the PolarFIS technology.

What parameters can be displayed with Polar FIS+ Advanced?

– Real speed (readed from ECU)
– Oil temperature (°C / °F)
– Coolant temperature (°C / °F)
– Outdoor temperature (°C / °F)
– Admision temperature (°C / °F)
– Turbo pressure
– RPM motor
– Voltage of the battery.
– Fuel remaining (Litres / Gallons)
– Atmospheric pressure
– Pressure fuel pump
– Motor load.
– Ambient Temperature (engine ECU)
– Coolant temperature engine output.
– Coolant temperature leaving the radiator.
– Mass air flow
– Admision pressure
– Sensor 1 throttle pedal
– Sensor 2 throttle pedal
– Sensor 1 throttle valve
– Sensor 2 throttle valve
– Horse power used (CV)
– Oil level
– Minimum oil level
– Brake master cylinder pressure
– Pressure in the fuel rail
– Torque used NM
– Injection timming
– Injection quantity
– Injection angle
– Injection start
– TV Free function

Not all parameters are supported in all engine ECUs, to know that data can be displayed, click here to see the list of supported ECUs.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.5 in


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