The TDI CP3 HPFP has earned its mark in the common rail fuel system as one of the most robust and reliable pumps available. This kit, designed and built by German Diesel Motorwerks brings this reliability to the TDI market. This kit will allow the GDM version of TDI CP3 HPFP to be bolted onto the CR140 (CJAA, CBEA) TDI engine in the factory location and is driven with the OEM timing belt. The fuel system upgrade has fueling capabilities to support over 550 whp. Many customers with this upgrade have also noted a slight increase in MPG and smoother running engines. This kit is recommended to be installed with our high pressure EGR upgrade kit but with a customized fuel rail supply line it can be installed on an unmodified vehicle.

The kit includes one of three options for the pump. Select between a quality used pump, a certified remanufactured pump, or a new pump.

Installation Instructions