Good morning to all. In the long list of “over my head” projects that I have agreed to tackle is this latest retrofit of the European luxury option of Volkswagen’s Park Line Assist system that helps to park your car in parallel parking and “parking garage” parking maneuvers. This is a complex OE system that utilizes 8 OPS sensors and 4 PLA sensors. The system “takes control” of the steering wheel while implementing the parking maneuver.
On this particular car, we have gotten the system installed, sensors all painted, and are working on the coding at the present. This link is an invaluable asset to anyone attempting this install and many thanks to gjas18 for making this post! We purchased this complete OPS PLA kit which looks very OEM but comes with zero instructions. Also this kit comes with the Golf/Jetta buttons. Through trial and error we confirmed that this particular kit is supposed to have the module mounted on the right side of the car up toward the front (like in the end of the dash somewhere).
The coding is a bit tricky with the Passat NMS as is some of the hardware, namely the system control buttons. Be warned that the B7 Passat traction control, park assist, and parking aid buttons DO NOT fit our NA spec’d NMS Passats. The buttons are different sizes and they do not line up correctly with the center console surround.We have yet to decide on a final solutioin to the control buttons, but they are simply a momentary “normally open” switch.
We are opening this post up for comments so that anyone that wants my post helpful (must be on topic and helpful!!!) advice and or questions. When asking coding questions, please include an autoscan of your vehicle with VCDS. We do not consider ourselves to be VCDS masters but with the help of the incredible crew over at Ross-Tech we can probably help each other complete some interesting mods.