We know there is a lot to learn about your diesel car; however, the more you know the better you can make a decision.  Check out our FAQs!  We will try to answer your questions.  If you still have questions give us a call at 570-539-8333 or send us an email.

Do I have to tune my DSG transmission?2016-09-23T11:18:26-04:00

If increasing the horsepower or torque of the engine on a Volkswagen or Audi vehicle newer than 2006 that has a DSG transmission, yes the transmission will need to be tuned.

Will tuning my vehicle or changing the exhaust void my warranty?2016-09-23T11:21:06-04:00

Yes, any changes with the factory components will void the factory warranty.

Is your exhaust stainless steel?2016-09-23T11:25:34-04:00

Yes, all of our exhaust components are T304 stainless.  To have your exhaust stainless steel will keep it from rusting out.

Is a 3 inch exhaust better than 2.5 inch?2016-09-23T11:28:50-04:00

No, 3 inches is simply the size that we carry to keep selection simple. 2.5 or 3 inch free-flowing exhaust is more than sufficient for the diesel engines that we work with.

Will my car be louder after an exhaust upgrade?2016-12-10T20:15:33-05:00

Yes in a straight pipe version, your car will be louder. With a straight pipe into the stock muffler there will be minimal increase in sound with notable turbo whistle.

Will I have a check engine light if I upgrade my exhaust?2016-09-23T11:34:10-04:00

Upgrading the exhaust does require reprogramming the engine computer. With the tuning software that we use, we guarantee no check engine lights after reprogramming.

Does my car have a DPF?2016-09-23T11:14:51-04:00

Most passenger diesel vehicles from model year 2007 and newer do have diesel particulate filters or DPF on them. Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars from 2009 and newer all have diesel particulate filters.


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