We know there is a lot to learn about your diesel car; however, the more you know the better you can make a decision.  Check out our FAQs!  We will try to answer your questions.  If you still have questions give us a call at 570-539-8333 or send us an email.

Do I have to tune my DSG transmission?2016-09-23T11:18:26-05:00

If increasing the horsepower or torque of the engine on a Volkswagen or Audi vehicle newer than 2006 that has a DSG transmission, yes the transmission will need to be tuned.

Will tuning my vehicle or changing the exhaust void my warranty?2016-09-23T11:21:06-05:00

Yes, any changes with the factory components will void the factory warranty.

Is your exhaust stainless steel?2016-09-23T11:25:34-05:00

Yes, all of our exhaust components are T304 stainless.  To have your exhaust stainless steel will keep it from rusting out.

Is a 3 inch exhaust better than 2.5 inch?2016-09-23T11:28:50-05:00

No, 3 inches is simply the size that we carry to keep selection si